Thalictrum Delavayi

Thalictrum Delavayi, or Chinese meadow-rue, is a flowering plant I would love to introduce you to. This China native can be kept as a winter-hardy perennial in western Europe, although in harsh winters there will be casualties. It does not seed out easily and propagating is best done by collecting seeds and growing young plants in pots. As soon as you put them in the garden and give them the chance to establish, they wont be overpowered easily.


Chinese meadow-rue is beautiful all around, the grey-green leaves near the ground grow in a typical thalictrum pattern; a delicate grouping of smaller leaflets that make up the main leaf. The branches that will produce flowers can get up to 2m(6,5 ft) high, although most will only be about 1m(3,2 ft). The flowers will appear at the end of every branch in sprays of colour. Then to complete the image of pure garden-jewelry, the closed flower buds appear alongside the flowers almost as if they were beads. The branches close to the flowers will show the same purple colour, so the effect of the whole plant is a sort of purple cloud or dreamy mist.




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