Pumpkin, carrot and turmeric soup

Another recipe you can prepare with easy-to-grow and easy-to-preserve vegetables. I used chicken stock that I saved in the freezer from a rooster I butchered last month, but you can substitute with vegetable stock.

Carrots are easy to preserve in a root cellar or in crates covered with sand. As long as a pumpkin isn’t damaged, you can keep it for months. Especially when you planted a variety that is bred for tough skin, making the fruit preserve well. I used the Solor variety, which grows small fruits of about 1,1kg. Tomatoes are a fun canning project, if you don’t have home-canned tomatoes yourself, use a small can of store-bought tomato puree. There is nothing better than tomatoes you grew yourself on good soil, though.
I rarely plant onions anymore, because we have waterlogged soil which they don’t like at all, but you can buy them from a good source and preserve them in a dark, dry basement.


Cube your onions and caramelize them in olive oil. Add cubed carrots, garlic and the frozen chicken stock. As the chicken stock is melting, cube & peel the pumpkin and tie the washed herbs with string. When the chicken stock has totally melted, add the pumpkin, the herb bundle and the tomatoes.

Cook for 20min at medium heat, if the pumpkin is soft, remove the herb bundle and use a processor to puree the vegetables. Add turmeric, black pepper and salt to taste. If you like you can add garlic butter for more flavor.


¾ pumpkin

5 large carrots

2l chicken stock

2 onions

1 clove of garlic


Black pepper and salt

Bunch of rosemary, sage and thyme



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