Visiting wildlife

One of the great things about having a big backyard or living on a farm-type location are the visitors you get. We live nearby a small, protected nature reserve, so we get a lot of interesting wildlife-visitors. In a densely populated setting, these deer are some of the largest wild animals that will appear. They do a good job in living so close to urban areas, but they struggle to exist. Many die in road accidents, are killed or wounded by domestic dogs or are hunted, legally or illegally. We try to make sure that we give wild animals a chance to find quiet on our property when they are disturbed elsewhere. That makes it extra rewarding when we see them prancing around in our garden. My father and I are currently also on the hunt (with cameras) for some pictures of a black buck(?) we’ve seen last week.

Roe deer doe&buck
Roe deer

People who live with lots of deer around probably think I’m mad for wanting them here. I’ve heard horror stories of vegetable gardens being ruined by deer in a matter of hours. I have personally never experienced deer doing this. Hares and rabbits certainly do, but I think deer prefer to eat somewhere where they don’t smell humans everywhere. We only get wild roe deer, capreolus capreolus. Occasionally an escaped fallow deer, dama dama, will also appear. The larger red deer, cervus elaphus, are native to Belgium and the Netherlands, but can only be found in larger wildlife areas.

I’m sure if you live in a part of the world where ’visiting wildlife’ might include bears, wolves or something else that’s big and scary, you’re less happy about them. Here in western Europe, large predators have been extinct for at least a century. Occasionally the media might report wolf sightings, but these don’t happen very often. We are very happy so see these friendly visitors appear on our lawn. And we try, whenever possible, to make them feel comfortable.

Roe deer doe& buck


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  1. The Homesteaders Wife says:

    I love it! You’re right about them being pests but we get a lot of deer too and I will never chase them away! Once we live at our property I will welcome anything that wants a safe place to roam around. Just like Snow White 😂


    1. I just think it’s so sad! They don’t have much space away from urban areas and then they get disturbed in the few places where they can live. If I can avoid it, I leave them undisturbed. If I can’t, I’ll make myself feel bad about it for weeks, I’m good at that too.
      I have no idea how to be Snow White. Garden gnomes are the only things that don’t run when disturbed! I’d be a terrible Snow White!


      1. The Homesteaders Wife says:

        I know. We’ve cut down and developed too much. Theres no deer hunting on our property as long as I can help it! I have wild imaginations of the woodsy animals following me around eating from my hand. But I should probably let that go and leave it to Disney! 😊


      2. Hahaha, sounds like a great goal though! Sadly I’m moving away from the property I’m on now. I won’t see many deer in the future. I don’t allow hunting on my property because there aren’t any excess numbers to be shot. Road fatalities keep population down plenty. I’m not against hunting in all cases, though.
        But the other property has other opportunities such as endangered tree-frogs, or butterflies (interesting for you and I as beekeeps). Thinking about the animals I might be able to help just makes me so thankful to the Lord who made them and put them here. They are jewels, and no human will ever make anything so intricate and alive.


      3. The Homesteaders Wife says:

        So well said! I couldn’t agree more about what a blessing they are. Sorry to hear you are moving but I hope its somewhere you are excited about going to!

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      4. Very happy! Lots of room for bees!


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