Nature – All The Creator’s Craft…

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My friend Dimma (that’s her in the orchard) loves to write poetry. This poem about nature I found very applicable to the gorgeous spring weather and the sheer explosion of LIFE that followed it. It is important to cherish our awareness of all this abundance and praise the Lord for creating all of the things we help grow. Check out Dimma’s blog for more poems on faith, Nigeria, Belgium, social issues in both countries and girl/womanhood.

Dimma's Ink

Take a decent look at
the nature surrounding me
Look how perfect it is…

With intent, look keenly at the scenery it creates…
Tell me, what do you see?

Tell you what I see? I shall!
It rings in my bowels
as a melodious sonnet, The
art work of THE CREATOR.

This universe and
whatever parallel universes,
that scientists,
still in their quest of proving
their existence,
have tagged the ‘multiverse’
And all of this earth as a biosphere,
and it’s meadows, and wetlands and tidal zones.
And it’s tectonic plates as
they fit
together like a crude jigsaw puzzle,
moving apart, colliding, and sliding
by one another.
And the minerals that lie beneath
it’s crust
in it’s mantle and it’s core – as a
two layered layer,
maintaining their extreme heat and pressure traits.

And the atmosphere,
as it supplies all forms of air needed by all the forms…

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  1. Dimma says:

    Yes, indeed! We ought always to take cognizance that it is the Lord who made all the beauty in nature surrounding us for our hands, eyes, nose, bellies and entire being to enjoy and to tend.

    Wow! This is really nice. Thank you so much Mendy! I really appreciate.

    Liked by 1 person

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