Simple creamy zucchini soup

Unless the squash bugs destroyed your zucchini plants before they gave you any fruits, you’re probably drowning in summer squash by now. Zucchini are one of the easiest crops to grow and they seem to produce lots and lots of fruits, no matter what weather they get. It’s always great to be able to eat what you grow and for many gardeners it’s one of the biggest rewards of summer.

Don’t be late harvesting like I often am. Zucchini mature quick!

During zucchini season it seems I’m always either making this recipe, or I have a pot of it in the fridge. If you make more than you can eat, freeze some for winter. If you prefer canning over freezing your food, I would can the zucchini + salt without any dairy. I’m using a cream cheese with pepper in the recipe, but this also works great with other flavors like garlic & herbs. Use whatever brand you have available to you, just don’t use any that has sweeteners.

First cut up 3-4 zucchinis (depending on their size) and put the chunks into a pot you like for soup. Don’t worry about the evenness of the pieces. Fill the pot with water so the zucchini is almost submerged. Boil until the zucchini are soft, then use a food processor. Add the cream cheese you like and blend it in. Add additional spices to your taste. The flavors will intensify if you keep your soup in the fridge and eat it the day after you made it. So be mindful of that when adding salt, etc..



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  1. R. van Sluijs says:

    Ha, wat een goed idee! Een paar dagen geleden kreeg ik een joekel van een courgette en na er met z’n vieren van gegeten te hebben (een heerlijke, deels zelfverzonnen ovenschotel) ligt er nog een groot stuk in de koelkast. Bovendien nog een pakje roomkaas en heb ik allicht veel lekkere kruiden in m’n bakje staan. Kortom: binnenkort hoop ik deze soep te maken.
    Dank voor al je mooie recepten en een hartelijke groet!

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