Mirabelles jam

Mirabelles jam is one of my favorite things to make. Because of the dry weather, a lot of white and yellow prune/plum varieties don’t taste as great as they do most years. Most batches I bought and received have contained many dry-ish fruits that aren’t nearly as sweet as they should be. No problem, I just make jam with them and don’t notice the difference!

You’ll need;

750g of white sugar

3 kg fruit (split in half, stones removed

vanilla sugar

pectin (if needed)

glass jars

I begin by cleaning the fruit, cutting them in half and removing the stones. In a large cooking pot, slowly heat up the fruits. Keep a lid on the pot and check they don’t burn on the bottom. After about ten minutes, add the sugar. I add about two sachets of vanilla sugar on top of the white sugar. It can take anywhere between half an hour to an hour to get the fruits boiled down. During this time, stir regularly.

Before the jam is ready, begin boiling your glass jars. They should already be clean and will be sterile after you’ve boiled them (with the rings or lids) for at least ten minutes.

When you’re happy with how your jam mixture looks, prepare your jars to be filled. Take them out of the water and let them air-dry. Fill them, close the jars and boil them again for ten minutes. This will ensure you get a good seal. Turn off the heat under the pot and don’t disturb the jars until everything has cooled down. Add a label and store them in a dark cupboard or basement for winter.


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