Some first fall activities

As a beekeeper, I start preparing for the autumn/winter season innnn June/July… That would lead one to believe we’d be all finished by September? Well, that’s wrong. I’m still feeding bees -which I started doing in August- and applying oxalic acid treatments to get the varroa population down.

September is one of the first months honey sales begin to increase. I had the opportunity to sell my honey at a local late summer sale event hosted by a plant nursery. Great way to start selling the year’s honey crop!

Next we have non-bee related garden activities. We’ve harvested a modest amount of apples we planted this spring and are processing these. My favourite way to preserve these is by canning applesauce. To Flemish people, unsweetened apple sauce (with a dash of cinnamon) is a perfectly normal food item to put on your plate where the vegetables would otherwise go. My American friends make fun of us for this, as apparently there it’s just baby food. Well, the babies are correct. It’s cheap, no added sugar, easy to preserve and can be gotten locally. Stop laughing.

Webster doesn’t care about the applesauce controversy, or how much peeling we go through to get everything processed. He just sort of offers moral support from this exact position. To each their own, I guess.

Webster on the job (being cute)


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