Pear-rhubarb turnover-cake with honey

The summer honey-crop has been harvested last week, and I am busy processing and preparing the honey to be ready to sell. This involves skimming the impurities off the top of the honey in the buckets. I’m too proud of my first honey crop to just throw this honey away. Even though there are some…

Recipe: Mango-coconut pie using duck eggs

I finally found some coconut flour for sale in my area and I immediately wanted to use it in something delicious. I stumbled on this recipe in one of my mom’s old cook books and I adapted it to work with coconut flour, not wheat flour. I also used duck eggs instead of chicken eggs….

Caramel-honey pear tarte-tatin

This a very simple recipe to make. It makes for a spiced cake that isn’t overpowering. The cake is quite light and fluffy, if you’re worried about the sweetness of the top layer, simply use less honey and syrup. Preparation and top layer Preheat the oven to 160°C. Line a baking tin with parchment paper….